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Only the fittest will survive

Prepare for the Evacuation

Escape the Living Dead!

Run for your life through a 5km course dodging the UNDEAD and navigating a multitude of challenging obstacles designed specifically to slow down your escape from relentless ZOMBIE horde who are hungry for fresh brains! Survive or be become one of them!!

Only the fittest will survive!!!

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Prepare for the Evacuation

Gorge Yourself on the Living!

Be one of the ZOMBIE horde and infest a realistic 5 kilometer course, populating the vast multitude of challenging obstacles with the purpose of infecting the Evacuee's who are running for their very lives. Enjoy fast food? You've never experienced it this fast!!!

The fittest are also the tastiest!!!

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  • All of our runners get 50% off tickets at Camden Nightmare Festival so head down after the race! We'll see you there!
    Wed Oct 01 16:32
  • Here's a sneak peek of one of the acts at Camden Nightmare Festival, what do you think?...
    Wed Oct 01 15:36
  • Zombie Evacuation Race is now partnered with Camden Nightmare Festival, whether you 'survived' or not head down...
    Wed Oct 01 15:30
  • Not Long left to go!!!! Zombies get signed up! 23D 13Hrs 47M 33Sec!!!!
    Wed Oct 01 09:12
  • Signed up?.. Why not?.. After this, everyone will!!
    Thu Sep 18 15:48

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14th March 2012
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