Race FAQ’s


And we’re off… What should I expect?

Well for one thing expect to have to RUN!!!

You’re are being evacuated for a reason, that reason being that the
area is overrun with Zombies. We don’t know how long the RAZOR team can protect
you. You’ll need to traverse the 5km as quickly as possible.


Is the course clearly flagged?

Yes. We will clearly mark the course out so that you will know which
direction to go. If at any point on the course you feel that something is not
properly flagged or signposted, let one of our marshals know and we’ll do
something about it. It may be that it is something we overlooked or maybe a
signpost or flag has been removed or fallen down. The faster we know about it the
faster we can fix it.


What obstacles will I be facing?

We cannot tell you that. It would spoil the surprise. However if
you’re familiar with the world of obstacle course racing or you did the event
last year then you’ll know what to prepare for. You’ll be running, climbing,
crawling, jumping, lifting, throwing.. you name it we’ll get you doing it.

If you really want a heads up as to what to get ready for try
checking out our photo’s and video’s from last year. Go have a chat on our Facebook
page with runners who have already done it, or look us up on You Tube.

But be aware that we have new tricks up our sleeves for this year,
so be prepared for some surprises.


Are there electrified obstacles on the course?

We can neither confirm nor deny this. We do have electrified
obstacles in our repertoire, but whether they are being used in the course
design of the race you are competing in is a surprise. We try not to repeat
obstacles and course layouts so as to make each experience a little different.

However if there is an obstacle that you are REALLY uncomfortable with
on the course you can skip it. The Marshal’s on that obstacle may make you do a
penalty of some description.

You may also find that there are alternate routes that can be taken.
So you may be sent back from an obstacle to try a different route…


Do I need to be able to Swim to compete?

It’s October in the UK so the temperature is likely to be very
cold. Even we’re not that mean to our runners! (Go try the Spartan Race if
you want to be challenged that way!)

So no. No swimming obstacles.

But that doesn’t mean there might not be water and you might be
getting wet. We try and use the venues uniqueness and the terrain we have to
provide a unique challenge to you. If there’s a stream or small river on the
course… chances are you might be crossing it…


Will there be photographers on the course?

Several photographers and videographers will be stationed around
the course to capture some memorably horrifying moments. A viewing and purchasing
link to the photos and video will be sent to you in a post race email and on the
Zombie Evacuation Facebook Page.


Can I be disqualified?

Put bluntly. YES. Yes you can.

Here’s the serious stuff.

We’re a fun loving group here at ZombieHQ and we want everyone to
have fun at our events. However there are circumstances that will get you
disqualified and removed from the event.


We will not tolerate Physical Violence against our Staff, our
Volunteers or other Racers.

This will range from actual fighting, to instances where we
think that you are being too rough. The Zombie Evacuation Race is a test
of your agility as much as it is of your endurance. The aim is to AVOID
the Zombies, not charge through them and push them aside. If you are deemed
to be being too rough by one of our marshals on a particular obstacle you may
have a tag removed from your belt as a penalty. If the behaviour continues
then we can and will disqualify you. You’ve been warned. Our zombies have
gone out of their way to volunteer their time to make this event what
it is and give you the ambience the event prides itself on. They deserve
respect and not rough treatment.

Zombies. Thanks for giving your time up to help us with our
event, we really do appreciate it. But the same rules apply. Our runners
have paid for the chance to run a Zombie Infested Obstacle Course and have
the ultimate in Zombie experiences. If you feel a runner is being too rough,
inform a marshal and they can radio it around the course and we can look
into it. Please don’t decide that you can give as good as you get and get rough back.


With the best will in the world we will try and make the day
go as well as we possibly can. But inevitably things will happen that
may annoy or anger you. PLEASE if this happens ask to talk to one of
the Directors on site on the day. They will all be on the radio and
will be with you as soon as they can to talk the problem out and try
to resolve it as best as they can.

Please do not take out your anger or frustration verbally to
any of our staff or volunteers. Please remember none of them are there to
annoy or upset you, they just may not be in a position to help you and may
need to find someone who can. If you are found to be Verbally Assaulting a
member of Zombie Evacuation Race staff, one of our Volunteers or another
racer you will be disqualified and asked to leave the venue.


We naively thought that all out runners would be honest
upstanding citizens last year.. But alas we had reports of naughty people
last year who cheated by hiding their tags, rolling them up, wearing them
underneath long tops, not wearing them behind them.. you name it, you guys tried it.

This year we will be clamping down on cheating on the course.
Our Marshal’s will be briefed to keep a close eye on the participants to
make sure they are following the rules.

We are making the obstacles more intuitive this year and
each obstacle will also have a sign next to it telling you EXACTLY what
to do. Obstacles will also be marshalled and they will be on the lookout
for people cheating or skipping obstacles.

If there is genuinely an obstacle that you can’t do, tell
the Marshall and they will provide you with an alternative penalty to do
before letting you skip the obstacle and continue.


If I lose all my LifeTags can I still finish?

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Regardless of whether you lose your tags or not.

The Zombie Evacuation Race is an Obstacle Course Race where you will be
timed on your ability to cover the 5km, dodge the Zombies and negotiate the obstacles.
Whether you lose your LifeTags or not you are still able to get to the Finish Line
and you will still get a time…

However. Whether you finish with your LifeTags or not depends on where
you get classified as a finisher and will affect the type of medal you receive.

If you have at least 1 LifeTag left at the end you will be classified a
Survivor, you will be given Survivor identification and will be allowed onto the
Evacuation planes to sunny Zombie free destinations around the globe.

If you lost all your LifeTags you will be classified as Infected and
given the appropriate identification to prove it. You will not be allowed to evacuate
the country as you will be in Quarantine status.

Expect to decompose slowly over time as you lose your brain functions
and find yourself only wanting to eat raw flesh. You will be welcomed back next year
to be a Zombie on the course. (Or assuming our diagnosis is faulty you can try again
to get evacuated next event!)

Also, if you do lose your tags on the course, then there is always hope!
Hidden on the course will be Medical Packs containing a vaccine which will give you
immunity to the virus that has created our shuffling undead legions. Find the vaccine
and bring an example back to the finish line and you are guaranteed survival even if
you lose all your LifeTags.


What happens after I’ve finished?

At the Finish Line you will be checked to see if you have any LifeTags
left. If you do you will be filtered down the ‘Survivor’ finish where you will be
given your Survivor medal and your T-Shirt. You can wear both with pride knowing that
you escaped the Zombie Apocalypse for another year!

If however you finish and you have no LifeTags left then unfortunately
you will be classified and filtered to the ‘Infected’ finish line. There you will be
given your ‘Infected’ medal and your T-Shirt.

You can wear these to warn other people of your infected status…
until you try again next year!


I’ve finished and by darn I think I was fast! When will I find out my time?

The times will be recorded the minute you cross the finish line.
Our timing people will know straight away what time you registered (as long
as your chip wasn’t lost, damaged or faulty)

A couple of days
after the event we will put the results up online in their entirety. Filtered
by Survivor, Infected, Male, Female and Individuals.