Running FAQ’S


So what is the Zombie Evacuation Race?

Glad you asked. The Zombie Evacuation Race is a 5km obstacle
course race with a theatrical twist.

Theatrical twist? Let me guess… Zombies right?

Got it in one! Our course will be populated by Zombies who
will be out to prevent you from surviving the course.


The Zombies don’t really eat me do they?

Well obviously as this is a theatrical experience we can’t
unleash real Zombies to savage and eat you!

And for health and safety reasons the Zombie Evacuation Race
is a NON-CONTACT sport.


Well if the Zombies can’t attack me, then what’s all this
about Surviving?

Each Runner will be given a belt to wear around their waist
with 3 LIFE TAGS on it. These are attached to the belt by Velcro and it
is the aim of the Zombies on the course to rob you of those tags by
snatching them and ripping them free of your belt as you try and dodge past.


Sounds easy enough. I’ll hide the tags cunningly under
my clothes!

No you won’t! The belt MUST be attached around your waist
and the Tags MUST be visible at all times and hanging down free and easy
to grab at behind you. You are NOT allowed to hide them, tuck them in,
put them somewhere inaccessible, roll them up to make them shorter. And
you can’t have more than 3 of them at any one time. You have 3 LifeTags
and only 3 LifeTags. You can’t steal other peoples tags. However…

If you have lost a tag of your own and then find a loose
tag on the floor somewhere on the course that has obviously been dropped
then we will allow you to pick it up and add it to your belt. (It helps us
out as we don’t lose tags on the course and have to go looking for them)

Or if as a member of a team you wish to donate a tag to
another member of your team that may have lost all theirs, then that is
ok. You run as a team so this is perfectly ok. (more on Teams later in
this FAQ!)

Everything else is cheating, and cheating just makes the
Zombies cranky and if you’re caught doing it you’ll be immediately
disqualified from the race. Plus do you REALLY want to know that the
only way you survived the Zombie Evacuation Race challenge was by
cheating? Shame on you!


Can I fight with the Zombies if they come for me?

No. The Zombie Evacuation is a non-contact sport.


Cricket bats and cross bows are popular Zombie killing
weapons! Can I bring a weapon to use?

Whilst all manner of weapons are almost standard kit for today’s Zombie
Hunters, we cannot allow you to harm our wonderful Zombie volunteers.
No weapons (real or mock) will be permitted on site. Such items will be
confiscated and you may pick them up after the race.


Can I push the Zombies out of my way to fend them off?

No, this is a non-contact race and our Zombies are played by our volunteers so please treat them with respect. Our Zombies will not touch you as they will only be going for the lifetags on your belt. Anyone who is seen to be dismissing the no contact rule will be disqualified from the race


So I would like to participate and run for my life in the race.
Is there an AGE LIMIT?

Yes there is. Every evacuee (runner) must be 14 and older. If you
are under 18 you will also need a legal guardian or parent present at the
event in order to co-sign your waiver.
Due to the nature of the course and theme, we encourage parents to use their
own discretion as to whether participating in this style of event is appropriate
for your family.


What’s this about a WAIVER?

For insurance purposes every runner will be expected to fill out
and sign a waiver agreeing to the racing terms and use of their image in future
promotional purposes.
Participants will need to log into their my.trumin account to access their online waiver and sign it prior to race day.

What if I forget to bring my Waiver with me on Race Day?

Race waivers will also be available on the day at the Registration
Area. You WILL NOT be given a timing tag or a LifeTag belt until you have
signed and handed in your Waiver. You cannot race without completing it.


I’ve never competed in a Race like this and don’t know what to
expect? Can you give me details of the course?

Sorry that’s a no no. The details of the course are Top Secret,
available only to the highest levels of us here at ZombieHQ and the highest
ranking Officers in the RAZORS.
However, your first stop at this point is to check out our EVENTS pages. On
here you’ll get a short description of
the kinds of terrain to expect. If you want more then we suggest you go and
check out our Facebook page and Vids & Pics section you’ll get a sense of the race, and
we know a host of our former evacuee’s have put up video’s on You Tube.

We also have an active and loyal community on our Forum and on
Facebook, so there’s plenty of people to ask about their experiences last
Season and we encourage you to do so. So while we’re all about the secrecy
here at ZombieHQ, it really isn’t too hard to find information on last Season’s
races if you want it.
However we do like to keep our Evacuee’s on their toes and we have many ideas
for new things on the course so there WILL be some surprises that we want to
keep under our hats!
Some things we will tell you though, BE PREPARED!


OK, so no course details, but what should I wear for the evacuation?

YOU WILL be covered in mud, dirt, zombie guts, body parts, and
other strange liquids. We recommend that you bring a towel, a change of clothing,
and fresh shoes with you (and a bag to take away your dirty clothes and shoes.
Please help us leave the site clean and tidy.)
Two important recommendations we would give…
Wear comfortable running shoes to ensure you can run as quickly as you can.
Be prepared for the weather! Season 1 saw some bitterly cold conditions so bring
something warm for after the race.
Again, we would recommend that you pop along to our Facebook page
and chat to people who did it last year and get some information from them.


Can I come dressed in Costume?

Absolutely! We actively encourage costumes. You can wear anything
you wish, be as creative as you want! Make sure it does not obstruct your view
and running ability. You are going to need all your senses intact to make it
out alive!

If you are looking for a fancy dress outfit, visit if you fancy something different!



Fantastic. What about if my friends want to come? Can we run as a team.

Absolutely! The one thing we love more than runners
is TEAMS of runners. The more the merrier!
We think that the Zombie Evacuation Race is an experience best shared with a
group of friends.
We think working together
to survive can make our experience all the more enjoyable.
With that in mind we offer all kinds of incentives to get you to bring your
chums and make a day of it.
For Teams of 4+ we offer a discounted registration fee. For teams of 8+ that
discount is even more generous! And for teams of 25+? Well get in touch with us at and we’ll see what we can do for you.


You mentioned TIMING? Will we get timed on the course?

Yes you will. Every evacuee (runner) will be assigned a digital
timing chip to be tied to your shoe using zip ties provided on site. This tag
is your runner I.D and will activate once you cross the blue start line mat
and stop recording once you cross the blue finish line mat. Due to the rugged
nature of the course, some tags may become damaged, or break. In that case,
it is possible your time data may be compromised, and will not properly record
your racing time. If you are very competitive, we suggest using your watch
as a backup method.


OK so where are the races?

All you need to know is on the events page of this website.


I want to come, but I don’t have a car…

Well your first port of call my be our Facebook page. Put a
call out and see if anyone else in Zombie Nation is going your way.

Second port of call is to check out the EVENTS section of our website.
On here we’ll be putting details of the venue, it’s address and the closest Railway
Station, Bus Stop/Route and Airport.


You can find all the details on the PRICES page.

You can sign up in a number of ways.

  • Sign up as an INDIVIDUAL for 1 event
  • Sign up as a TEAM of 4+ for 1 event (discounted rate!)
  • Sign up as a TEAM of 8+ for 1 event (even more discounted rate!)
  • Sign up as a TEAM of 25+ for 1 event (a really discounted rate!)

Plus space is limited, the evacuation trucks only have so many seats
and I’m sure you don’t want to get left behind to be Zombie food!

Also, maybe you’re doing this for a corporate do, a fitness club or
bootcamp, or maybe it’s just for a fun Stag or Hen Party. If you have a team of 25+
then get in touch with us
directly (
and we’ll sort something special out, just for you.


OK, so I’m signed up and paid what happens if I can’t make it?
Can I cancel my entry?

Getting scared already?

Before registering for the Zombie Evacuation Race we’d recommend
you check that you really sure you are game for the experience…

Zombie Evacuation Race have a strict no refund policy. You can
substitute another runner into your race spot, however this option is only
available until no later than 2 days before the race day of your chosen event.

You can make this substitution yourself by logging into the
Registration System using the username and password you set up during
registration, and then manually editing the registration information yourself.

Scared? I’m not scared! But due to an injury/commitment I can’t
attend. What are my options if I can’t find a substitute?

Get in touch with us at: While we do
not offer refunds, we will allow you a couple of other options. We can offer
to roll your registration over to another event later in the year, or to one
of next Seasons events. Or if you prefer we can donate your registration fee
to our Charity donation pot.